All expansion is life, all contraction is death – Swami Vivekananda

The primary duty of every individual who takes life on the earth is to be joyous and happy. We are here to make our lives more peaceful and less complex. We are all immersed in a wrong notion, right form the day we derive our consciousness that life is tougher, we need to fight for everything and unfortunately with all the efforts we try to preserve this idea.
This is not true !
We are beyond our physical body, we are not the muscle and bone suit we are in.

Who are YOU?

The only person living on this existence is GOD and GOD is YOU !!!
(A thousand pardons to those who think I am being blasphemous)
Anything happening anywhere in any part of the existence is because of YOU. Let me help you understand the importance of YOU. Just try imagining a world, an existence without you in it. It can never make sense, it ridiculous ! LOL 😀 😀
There can never be anything for YOU without YOU anywhere ( Please re-read the previous sentence). The universe exists because YOU are aware of it and your inner-self can feel it every moment. I, hereby confidently can tell you and proclaim to the universe that –

YOU are the master of your existence,
YOU are the creator of your creation,
YOU are the emperor of your empire,
YOU are the GOD.
YOU are the GOD.
YOU are the GOD.

Not blasphemous again please !
When YOU are the GOD of your life, I don’t think there can be any limitation that pulls you down from being or having what you want.
Trust me, YOU are the sole responsibility for everything happening in your life.

Take responsibility and make your life more abundant ! – God In You

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Bharath Reddy
Writer, SpiritualMentor ,Future Doctor. Studying @ medicalschool. Believes in unleashing the dormant divinity in mankind through scienceofthought ; LOA
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