After a year of breakup, girl finally called the boy (her ex-beau). The boy got pleasantly surprised by seeing the phone number which is of his beloved. He was ecstatic as the girl didn’t even bother to call him once , in the last one year. Moreover, whenever the boy called her, the girl used so to humiliate him like anything.
Finally the boy answers the phone …

Girl: Hello!

Boy: Yes, I am speaking. . . tell me what do you want?  Why did you called me up all of a sudden? (But at the back of his mind: Love! from the day when you are gone, I was just waiting for your call, please tell me that you are just coming back in my life)

Girl: To know how you are?

Boy: What will you do by knowing this? (On his mind: Dear it feels like hell without you.)

Girl: Tell me please! I really want to know . . .

Boy: I won’t be able to tell you how I am? Or how I am feeling? I can just tell you that nowadays my tear glands have dried up, I never spend my nights thinking about you. I do not feel pain in my heart. I do not take breath by taking your name, I have stopped dreaming every dream in which I dream of you.


If this suggests that “I am happy”, then yes I am.

Girl: Okay,fine ! Be happy forever in your life.


Finally, the boy breaks down. Tears starts to roll from his eyes.

Now the boy starts thinking again, ‘Love’ you haven’t changed one bit. Then, why love why? Why did you do this to me? What was my fault?

‘Love’ I am not alright, and I hope by this time you would have got to know this. You were and are the only reason for my happiness. I still love you, please come back. I think of you every moment. I am dying without you.

Life is not worth living without you. Its you and only you, who can bring back the happiness in my life, again.

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