The pitch dark night had embraced the lovely woods around me and yet it was ecstatic to walk through the dim pathways. It is said that focusing on too many things deprive us of the pleasure to enjoy any of them and I must say this holds very much true for our sense organs. When I could not see anything else but black, my ears had become active like never before. Sometimes I wonder if my ears would have then protruded like those of elves. The breeze like a violin was striking an unheard before, unfelt before soothing symphony and from a far- off distance the river played the perfect percussionist. I could hear the leaves chuckling while they enjoyed their carousel ride on the branches which performed élan jive to romanticize the nature.

I was hypnotized to the extent that I never groped for the way, and the earth to me, seemed like a flying magical carpet which has brought me to this super-fantasy island with marshmallowed ground. Neither there were squeaks nor a chirp. The slimy scaled reptiles had lost their ability to hiss and those large-clawed feline creatures were anesthetized. The erudite gigantic Asian mammals realized that this orchestra for sure did not require trumpets.

I did not want to add a cacophony to the rhythmic aura around so instead of speaking, I just thought, “Hold on…let me invoke my touch power“. I bent a little forward, this time groping for literally anything around. In this land of bounties, I was leaning more forward to reach out to something but again it was just the breeze which now even caressed my palms. The breeze like an indomitable spirit had conquered every nook and corner and somewhat like a shape-shifter, it had the power to metamorphose itself such so as to appeal to all your senses.

I now started wondering, “Is it a lifeless barren land? Had the music captivated all my senses? What is it?” Now, I started to worry but I still kept going. I am sure my face would have lost its pink blush to become pallid. I could hear my heartbeats’ crescendo. Suddenly, my cloud- like swift movement was deterred. It felt as if a behemoth had stepped onto my gown’s hem. My eyeballs were now rolling and popping out. I sensed some sort of liquid after a long time. A drop of sweat dripped off my forehead and touched my lips. I tasted the salt and gathered courage to turn back. It is then I fell and I realized once again that it was pitch dark.

~ Engulfed : The Land of Bounties ~
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Jyoti Nathany
Jyoti Nathany is currently a student of The Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. She is also a Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary. Writing on social issues is her main area of interest which she carries on as a hobby. The primary motive is to reach as many people as possible through her write-ups and evoke sensitivity towards the society.
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