The perfect woman

I don’t call her the perfect woman just for her perfection on matching her outfit with her lipstick and eyeliner every morning at 7:30 am. After she has completed her morning routine and breakfast. Yes, these practices are what always made her appear more beautiful amidst others, but these were not the only facts to make her perfect.

Perfection was on her balancing. Balancing her work life with household. On, never forgetting to feed the cats even on the busiest Mondays. Never missing a family event even on the days she is leading a team for a crucial project. Moreover, her visits to the family events could even create more magic. The way she used to select and prepare the gifts, with most magnificent wrapping style of her own, was a matter of appreciation on the events.

No, this couldn’t make her any less of a perfectionist on her work and studies. Her presence in anywhere used to create a huge impact on the works she used to do. She used to handle everything with a unique touch of her perfection.

I learnt a lot from her. Still the days I go to a meeting after closing the deal I thank her silently. The gratitude she might not hear but should reach her in some other ways may be. I am not an expert but by now I learnt few very important facts of gardening. Where to put the indoor ones, where to put the outdoor ones and to what extent you should water the plants or not. Yes, in the morning I also now make some time for them and then go for my work. I also learnt balancing.

I might not have the amazing skill of properly wrapping a gift when I go for an event, but by now I grew the sensitivity to buy something important for someone when needed. What changed is, I don’t go for the events anymore. I just sent them the gift thorough parcel.

Yes, facing people crowd became a little difficult since the day I got divorced with my perfect wife. Her perfection could hardly match my flawed living. Waking up every morning late, she was unaware of the fact that I used to relax on bed and see her getting ready with my half sleepy eyes at 7:30. My careless attitude while in the family events used to demean her graceful presence. Nevertheless, I understand she could never take my outbursts when I used to come back from work and find myself clueless for too much stress.

These were enough to part her. We didn’t part. I find myself that I am still there. Still soaking the aura of her perfection. Still learning and developing myself under the light of my former wife.

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