I Fail to Understand –

If naked truth unsettles

Then blurred reality confounds

If blunt words hurt sentiments

Then sharp silence pierces the heart

If tacit engagements are illicit

Then explicit meetings divulge the secrets

If unruly behavior is improper

Then regulatory behavior is artificial

If glory is ephemeral

Then libel is eternal

If forgiving is forever important

Then punishment is not forever unimportant

If freedom is birthright

Then free-will is not free

If emotions are expressed

Expressed are not emotions

When will the meanings emerge out of meanings to resolve these problems?




Set me free –

Set me free from the bondage of kindred ties

Set me free from the onus of love

Set me free from the everlasting prison of memories

Set me free from the labyrinth of duties

Set me free from the whirlpool of equations

Set me free O lord

“Why do you need me?  Enable your release yourself” the lord replied

“But it is not possible without you said I. I need your help”!

The lord smiled and said, “This is the bondage you are in and need to break free”.



Why does the clock strike twelve?

Sinking into the deep waters of the sea

The ship refuses to drown

The moment of distress wants to restore the one chance of livin

Why then does the clock strike twelve?

I feel the onus of staying with guilt

The moment urges me to efface my sins

I wish to renounce my ego and expiate my sorrow by seeking forgiveness

Why then does the clock strike twelve?

Talking to you makes me feel happy

The pleasure of being with you is fine

The desire of having you forever is unbending

The thought of losing you never comes

Why then does the clock strike twelve?

When strong wind blows

I close the windows

When windows are closed

I feel suffocated

Enclosed within the four walls of the house, I know I would be protected from the tumult outside

Yet I want to liberate myself and face the storm

Why then does the clock strike twelve?

I know that people come and people go

Friends are made and friendships broken

Love charms and also agonizes

Emotions break and desires remain unfulfilled

Life gives and also takes

Failure is never final and success is never ending

When my knowledge does not lose any track of wisdom

Why then does the clock strike twelve?

Why do you strike twelve every time I make an effort to reason and try to palliate my insecurities?

I asked the clock

It replied, “Well, I strike twelve only because it is twelve. What can I do if you reason, rationalize and think only when it is twelve”?




The Choice is yours

I do not see anything literally I am blind

But I can see you

I wish I could see other things as I can see you said I

He smiled and asked “Is there anything that is devoid of me”?

In everything that you want to see, you’ll see only me.

Is it? I remarked curiously.

Yes, said he and I said, enthusiastically. Then I want to see you in everything. So I want to see everything. I became impatient.

He said. So be it.

I could see everything else but I could not see him him so I asked. But where are you? I cannot see you now?

He laughed and said, “Now you can see everything so you can see me! Don’t you see me?

No, I replied

Then what can you see? He asked

Everything in this world.  Everything that exists in this world! I said excitedly

O! said he. So you can see everything that’s there in the world right?

Yes. I reiterated.

But you cannot see me.


Remember you said you will see me in everything that you see in the world. But that’s not so. Where are you in these things that I see?

His voice bore a solemn disposition as he said, “Then don’t see everything else, and you’ll just see me. The choice is yours.

Either you see these things or you see me.





Vision of Enlightenment-

What we see, is it real? Is the question that perpetually haunts us

“How to understand reality”? I asked him

He said, “ By forgetting everything that is not real”

“But how to know what is real and what is not real”? I asked

He replied, “By understanding that real is not unreal and unreal is not real”.

“And how can that understanding come”? I asked.

“By realizing that nothing real is apparent”.



Tacit Understanding

You came but did not arrive

You knew but was not illumined

You saw but did not realize

You crossed but could not transcend

Thus you cannot understand

But what is to be understood? He asked

That which cannot be understood.  He said

But how can I understand that which is not understood

By understanding that what can be understood is not what is to be understood.  He smiled.

I kept quiet



Human and Mortal

You are mortal but not human

What does this mean?

It means you are not what you should have been

What should I have been?

“A Human Being”

What am I then if not a human?

“ A Mortal Being”

What is the difference between human and mortal ?

“Mortals die humans live”

There’s no eternal life.

Yes, indeed he replied that’s why you will die

But which human being lives forever?

Those that are not ‘Mortal’

Don’t be evasive. What is Mortal and what is human please specify

Mortals cease to exist and humans live ceaselessly

Not possible! No humans live eternally

It is possible!

How? Show me. Prove it to me! If you can..

Fine. Close your eyes.

Now open them. What do you see?


Yourself or Me?

I can see Myself but how is this possible that I am seeing myself instead of you?

Now you have become an immortal human. Think

I  kept quiet.



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Dr. Payal Kishore Trivedi is a freelance literary writer, theater critic and playwright. She completed her Graduation and Post Graduation in English Literature from St. Xavier’s College Ahmedabad. Subsequently she got her Master of Philosophy Degree (2005) in English Literature from Gujarat University after working on Rasa theory in the works of the renowned playwright Girish Karnad. Dr. Trivedi completed her Doctor of Philosophy Degree program (2014)in English Literature from Indira Gandhi National Open University New Delhi on contemporary relevance in the selected plays (based on myths and folktales) of Girish Karnad. She has been a student of Mudra School of Classical dance Ahmedabad and has completed learning her course in Bharatnatyam from there. She has been continually writing scholarly articles for reputed journals. She has also presented her papers in conferences and National seminars (organized by ignou). She has also taught communications at various colleges in Ahmedabad like St. Xavier’s and Indus Institute of Engineering et al. Her first play The Rakoshi Devis got published last year in an International Ref. Journal. Contact: [email protected]
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