Now I am a boy of twentieth century

Where science and technique, top of its glory….

There are so many gadgets, so many gins

To tone down and save our precious mins ….

Lots of Tech and lots of App

Swift the world, extracting the Sap….

Neoteric children has high speed Net

They are busier, instead of playing Cricket….

Now they learn, the features of, earth and creature

Growing as a mature, skipping the lap of nature….

Don’t know what is behind this fault

But we should find some path of alt….

We can yarn them, our childhood days

When the Sun also enjoyed, our afternoon plays….

Where we woke up by the scream of cock

Not by a ringtone of phone or Alarm clock….

There are so many grounds, and a bat and ball

Not had proper shoes and shocks at all….

But it was not less, like a heaven for us

It was our facile life, free and flush….

We used to go school, by cycle or on foot

It’s true, that, there was a lack of peerage and boot….

But we never feel these, austerities and shortages

As we all had a prosodic mind, some books of torn pages….

As we all had a home and sky,

Floozy Nature was plummy and shy….

Unlike today’s consumerist soul,

We were happy with a food-bowl….

There was a fulgent dawn and dusk

All sky glittered, wearing a blushing mask….

And was a scene of returning cattle to their farm

Chirping birds, fainting Sun were enough,creating magical charm….

Though we had no camera or phone

Nineteenth century didn’t feel us alone….

People had a time and mind, for wishing Hi or Hello

As they were little bookish, even cared their stupid fellow….

I know we can’t drag today’s to last days or past

But can acquaint children, with Nature first….

We should take them to a village or thorp

Where they can grasp the beauty of, growing crop…

can come out from humdrum days of town

May feel the spiritedness with earth, soil and ground

~ Our Days ~

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