India my dear country is always my immense pride,

As unity is her unique symbol that no one can hide.

There is so much diversity on which we ever ride,

Hence my nation is a lesson the world she can guide.

And our soldiers I adore them like the Almighty Gods,

Who fights just selflessly against all kinds of odds.

Their unflinching valour that makes me feel proud,

They are the actual celebrities as I can speak loud.

The soldiers are our real idols- our endless inspiration,

They pledge their lives bravely to protect the nation.

They stand tall always irrespective of any situation,

Yes, they fight the raging storm-it’s their prime mission.

To serve my dear India they are toiling day and night,

The plethora of diversity but the nation is their might.

The tricolour in their heart, the country in their soul,

To keep Mother India safe is our heroes’ only goal.

Soldiers are our saviours as enemies they can blow,

But in front of any calamity they are valiant to  glow.

They can withstand anything-snow, heat or rain,

Their fortitude are our ballads-the undaunted men.

Let’s salute the sacrifices of daring freedom fighters,

And the underlying forces of columns of our dear writers.

The brave hearts have made the independence a reality,

And now our gutsy soldiers are pouring there the flow of sanctity.

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