Adieu to Two Thousand Twenty unclean
Being sank in Covid now to drive away
Coming year: New expectation, we pray
Dreams of dormant desire pure pristine.

Exciting plans to run with new promise.
Forget all mistakes committed in past
Give your best to all around and adjust.
Happy New Year appearing on surprise.

Intense dense devotion ready to soothe:
Journey of life may display a puzzle.
Know your inherent strength to struggle.
Life may be in trouble or run smooth.

Make your family to feel safe and great.
Noble brilliant ideas, prompt to play.
Overcome obstacles coming on your way.
Patience to assist not to get upset.

Quest for best to start on new gear.
Rolled the old year providing new space
Score of past year boosting human race.
To proceed, progress dauntless without fear.

Union of past- present : Both involved
Vow of New Year clearly based on the past.
Worries and wobbling can never long last.
“X”, the unknown you will have to solve.

Yes: Confront and accept any challenge.
Zest and zeal to bring optimistic change.

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