The Bel-Talaar-Maath was in the village ” CHAITANYABATI “, district was – Hooghly, state was , the West Bengal, the country was the India. It was a useless field . Boys played there foot-ball , with open-nacked-feet. They wore only halves-pants. They had no shirts on their upper-bodies. Aasis Nandee also played there. The owner of that field was the father of Aasis. His father was Shree Debi Prasad Nandee. Aasis’a mother was Shreemoti Sabita Nandee; Aasis was his only one son. At future, he would be the next owner of that field. Aasis was the scholar student; He was M.Com. and ICWA. His own scholarship’s money was in his bank-account.  When Aasis was a young man and started to earn, and in the bank, he kept his all money. Then his mother said , ” Aasis ! you build a new house, on the Bel-Talaar Maath ! our this house becomes the too-old ! ” . Aasis said , ” yes, maa ! ” later many men and women came to their old-house and said to his mother , ” kindly ! make your son ,my daughter’s husband ! ”. His mother then told , ” yes , Aasis will build a new house on the Bel-Talaar-Maath and then he will marry”.

All were waiting……….

But one Sunday , the noon , it was a 3rd June, 2001 , Aasis became dead, in their old house .Then in that house , there were his mother and father also. Aasis was hanging from the joist by a thick rope ,  in  his mother’s THAAKUUDR  GHARRR , in front of many idols, which were offering , many times,  at a day, by his mother. It was the very holy room of that house. Before his death , all ate , together. Suddenly they came in that room and saw that  their only one son, very tall, handsome, who was then high from the floor, his feet were not on the floor of the room, his tongue  came out from his mouth. They saw and saw …. but no tears came down from their eyes. Later his father carried his own son’s dead-body by his own-shoulder, slowly and reached on the burning-ghat. That was the chest of the river of the DAAMODAR. Aasis’s body end. Father returned in his son-less house. His mother was silent. His father was silent. Both were too old in their own ages. Aasis’ age was only 30 years. Parents are waited for the fire of their son’s hand, in their dead mouths, after their death. But, father gave the fire in the dead-mouth of his son. Yes in his childhood , that father gave foods in his little son’s mouth with deep love and great affection and also gave milk which was not too hot, in  his little mouth with great zeal. Yes he tasted  the temperature of the milk first and then he gave it in his milky-mouth, which was not so hot than the burning-fire with the high-flame of his that time hand’s fire. Yes it was called the bad luck of the too honesty. Yes Aasis’s whole family was too-honest forever.

Later , I watched that Aasis’s mother sat on that Bel-Talaar-Maath, alone and by her own too old right index finger, she wrote her own dead son’s name ‘ Aasis ‘ , which was not seen by me , then . There also many boys were playing at every after noon. And from the Bel tree , the ripen- fruits were falling down on the Bel-Talaar-Maath. Yes , I sat under that Bel tree felt that my invisible younger brother was playing on that Bel-Talaar-Maath………with full of energy and then my tears came down , like the Bel- fruits and side of me also our youngest sister , Shreemoti Manisha Denandee , (she was 6 years young than me ) sat , and also she was broken down by tears. She called him , ” DAADAA “. We both sisters were then married. Yes when our only one brother died then we were in our husbands houses. And knew by the phones. After his death , later , we went that village some times and stayed with our parent I watched that my parent donated Aasis’s money to the cancer-patients but at last , after many years of Aasis’s death his father became the patient of the cancer and died. And after many years of  his death , his mother also became the patient of the cancer, and died ………yes …..the honesty gifted many lucky-boons………my mother said me , ” ANJU ! YOU BUILD A STATUE OF AASIS ON THE BEL-TALAAR-MAATH ” ………..but I can not do it …………….

Yes , I am Aasis’s 3 years old elder-sister , his DIDI , Shreemoti Anjali Denandee.


~ Bel-Talaar-Maath ~

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