There are two seasons in Scotland: June and Winter.
– Billy Connolly


If anybody asks you about the link between Macbeth, Robert the Bruce, William Wordsworth, and Harry Potter, you will definitely think for a moment and you will be surprised at how can those four names from four centuries connect to each other. Let me explain, ‘Macbeth’ was the king of Scotland after murdering King Duncan, ‘Robert the Bruce’ was also the famous king of Scotland. Again Scotland is where Harry Potter was born and we all know one of Wordsworth’s best works is “Memorials of A Tour in Scotland.” So, the missing link of those four characters is Scotland, the country of sweet and melodious bagpipes.

Scotland is a country that is part of the UK. Edinburgh is the country’s capital and second largest city after Glasgow. Scotland is ideal country for a short travel of 4-5 days. This country is well known for its dramatic scenery of mountains and valleys, rolling hills, green fields, forests and inland lakes or lochs. Around Loch Ness in the north of Highlands, you can also hunt for the monster Nessie.

Scotland can be divided into two parts, highland, and lowland. Much of the terrain is hilly, particularly in the interior, and mountains in the highlands which constitute the North-West part of the country. Aonach Mor is a mountain in the highland of Scotland. You can enjoy a rope-way ride through the Nevis mountain range, near the town of Fort William. Another famous tourist destination is Highland Glen Coe, which is supposed to have been the birthplace of Ossian. This Glen is called three sisters along with two another peaks. Scottish lowland is very much soothing for our eyes because of its greenery.

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The cruise ride in Loch Lomond is the most enjoyable part of Scotland travel. Edinburgh castle is also a must watch subject for visitors. From the top of the castle the scenery of the city Edinburgh is very beautiful. There are cab facilities in the tour of Edinburgh castle for those who have problem in walking a long distance. The most famous cathedral is situated in Glasgow. It is built before the Reformation from the late 12th century onwards. Another famous place of Scotland is Gretna Green, which is famous for run away marriage. And one should not miss to visit the oldest whiskey distilleries there. Scotland is truly a very beautiful and enjoyable country with lots of sight seeing and histories. In your trip through Scotland, you can know about the different clans among the Scottish and also the story of MacDonald.

Scotland can be visited by flights, trains, bus car or whatever vehicles we want. The tourists from abroad can reach there by flights as there are five international airports. There are also lots of hotels in reasonable price range.
This country is much more cold and cloudy than England. So, visitors should be careful about this fact. The best time to visit there is mid April to September.
So, enjoy Scotland with lots of joy, romance and discover the unknown histories of a new country. I promise, it should be a perfect and peaceful holiday destination for those who love nature, and “who has been long in city pent”.


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