River of red flowing wild

Like the tears of a crying child,

Where do you stop?

Do you know no end?

And when you flow far and wide,

Why does Pain take your side?

Who’ll you take,

When you take the next bend?

River of red flowing through

The once green valley where life once grew,

But now it doesn’t.

For there is no need.

For when you flow the flower dies

And none can hear its final cries.

There is no air.

There is no air to breathe.

I saw a body, O River of red,

Sinking to your river bed.

Was he not the man

Who toiled for world peace?

To answer me you merely smile

As if you’d pause and wait a while.

But instead you say,

“There is no place for these.”

River of red flowing fast

And leaving behind long shadows cast,

Do you not know

What’ll become of me?

“Time will tell.”

Is your reply

“For men have lived and men shall die.

Que sera sera, whatever will be will be…”

~ River of Red ~
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Soumyadipta Banerjee
Graduate from S.X.C. (Kolkata) in Physics Hons. with an interest in Bengali and English short stories, mainly of the Mystery and Horror genres. Also inclined towards film-making, animation, illustrating, book-cover designing, and music composing.
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