Delhi has been under the scanner from little before the Diwali season in November, 2015, for being one of the countries highest polluted cities. The chief reason found was the amount of pollution emitted by the 5million vehicles running regularly on the streets of Delhi and is increasing by 1400 in number of car buyers every day.

As per the Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map, the highest amount of air pollution has been recorded in various areas of Delhi and the measurement reads at 438 as on 17th January, two days after the odd-even period. The Kejriwal Government has come up with an innovative idea to reduce the pollution level of air pollution in the capital city of India. The meteorological observations in last few days have recorded the reduced amount of pollution level in air which proves that the initiative was a success. The Delhi government initially reported that more than 50 percent drop in air pollution primarily caused by vehicular traffic has been observed. The report also mentioned that the measures could be reinforced in a second phase after a review meeting on 18th, Monday. The process has also reduced the chaos caused by heavy traffic on the busiest points of the city.

The pollution rise in the heart of India has nurtured the entire country. The same method should be applied to the other busy places of the country including the other three metro cities. As per the Real-time Air Quality Index Visual Map Kolkata ranks second highest polluted metro city followed by Chennai and Mumbai. So it could be expected that Delhi will soon become the roll-model of cleanliness for other cities in India. Meanwhile one could only wait for the decision taken at the discussion session by the Delhi Government.

Share us your ideas on ‘how to reduce air pollution in Kolkata?’

~ Restrict Cars to Restrain Chocking ~
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