Jolly jocund jubilant Jack Frost wearing thick jacket
joyfully jumped sharp on snow losing jade-locket
Jolted backward by snowstorm yet looked jovial.
Jeered on a jetty jackal rushing from jungle, not trivial.

Junior Jack in jean- jersey with sister Jill Joined to skate.
Jim Jogged, carrying jars of jam, jelly, jaggery in basket.
Jingle bells ringing, Jack jigging, drinking juice from jug.
Joe, friend of Jack drove jerking jeep, met Jack, gave hug.

John, a Joker cum juggler catching and throwing snowballs
Jupiter-Juno both jocose junketing under heavy snowfall.
Jewel thief Jacob dancing on snow, fell and lost jade-stone.
Javelins- throw on snowy field managed by Jacqueline alone

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