Bangladesh is a home of so many religion. For so many years people lived here in harmony. But every nation has its dark ages. But that does not mean, the country is doomed. In recent times, people from inside and outside of Bangladesh are saying absurd things about Bangladesh.

My essay is for the optimists. So those who can not hope good things for their country, do not read it. I am not a politician, i am a concerned citizen. If you want to judge which political party is good and which is bad, you can’t judge anything (If you are not a blind supporter of any party). Because every party did something in their past history. All you can do is to choose which party is good for the present situation of the country.
We often speak about wrong doings of present party. We always look at the empty part of a glass, why can’t we look at that the part which is filled with water? Bangladesh is currently in development from all aspects.

why we do not talk about it ?


~ Hope for Bangladesh ~
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