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Durga Puja for a Bengali Londoner

Autumn is the festive season for Indians because of Durga Puja and Diwali. It is an important sociocultural annual religious festival observed by Hindus...

পথের পাঁচালী

কাশ ফুল ঐ দোলায় মাথা কত স্বপ্ন নিয়ে চোখে রেল পথ ধরে ছুটে যায় মন ভাই বোন হাত ধরে। সর্বজয়া হৃদয় ঘরে মাগো তোমার আগমনী রং তুলি...

Amazing celebrations in the City of Joy

Author: Anirudh Mackar   Amazing celebrations in the City of Joy :- The six days of one of the most celebrated festivals of the world, The...

Maa Durga 108 Names

Durga 108 Names   1) Sati, the daughter of Daksa; 2) Sadhvi, the Sanguine; 3) Bhavaprita, loved by the universe; 4) Bhavani, the abode of the universe; 5) Bhavamocani, the...


       Navratri has begun and that too with much of a zeal and enthusiasm all across the country. It is again that part of...


Kolkata Durga puja routemap 2013

Kolkata Durga puja routemap 2013 download : Click here

Probashi Bangali 2 – Durgapujo @ Nagpur

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