Author : Asmita Majumder

[Bio:  Student of English hnrs. of college Sanskrit College , kolkata . ]


can find you hatpakhai found you!

I can find you in sleep

When I close my eyes in deep .

I find you when you touch me

The essence of love will then envelop me .

I find you in my deep sorrow and joy .

You spread your arms to bind me

And share my utmost

Happiness and sadness .

I can find you in words spoken by me

In crowd and place like den .

I can find you moving around me ,

And touching me with your softy vein .

I want you to be there with me

Throughout my life ,

Till i die ,

An eternal death .

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  1. the language is very lacks verbal is very simple ,yet impressive and ellusive.i would say that it lacked content as well as the terminology was also not up to the was an average narration.