‘Mama dharma’ went to get oil

‘Istighfar’ shield not  Achilles’ heel.

Pocketed beings with broken up brain

Defiled from within and drained.

Bared of morals and principles

Take boots to walk along smooth sites.

Wear eye-glasses,  to unnotice sorry sights.

Paste masks to avoid sticky smells.

Ear-plugs to unhear groan.

Sensible organs past possible to moan.

Blistered tongue to provoke

And stangled conscience on a death row.

Still, action directed to penetration

Values of every kind to degradation.

Bitten by Snake,  fanatics

Spit venom to foment conflicts.

Quran, Puran, Bible, lunch-box.

Dishes,  full of pleasure, full of flesh.

Intellect vapours media screen.

Untimely appear; and disappear unseen.

Heavens save us!

But, O my God

We don’t think you, therefore we are…!

On the way to Morgue

Engraved inside coffin a body minus soul

Horibol! Horibol! Horibol!

Last suggestion, behave!

‘As long as we are among humans, let us be humane’


‘ ita’e dhil qurba’


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