You were my life once upon a time

but that was like another birth

wrote countless lines thinkin about you

In all the time i had on earth…

Baby..wait..its over …lemme tell you

Here are my,last words,for you.


I kept giving you second chances but..

you did n’t bother even a single time

Blind,i was,in love with you

you proved honey..i was really blind

now..a broken strong me and a stranger you

Here are my ,last words,for you

You promised,you never gonna go anywhere

and like an idiot,i believed in you

You promised our ‘dosti’ will last forever

and you left without a word..yes YOU false more broken heart

You taught my the real meaning of depart.

You smashed as much as you could screw

Here are my,last words ,for you

But Hey..before the Goodbye is bid

lemme thank you for all that you did

I learnt from you not to trust blind

I learnt people change as per their interest

I learnt how shallow life becomes when

You are disowned by someone whom you TRUST

I learnt no matter one’s wounded in life

Its a show which anyways must ‘GO ON’

I learnt how to meet myself in pains

how to rebuild myself with the remains

I learnt how to walk alone with pride

Smiling…though last night,i might have cried

I learnt to love those who love me back

Your ‘To-take-for-granted’ virtue…they lack

You taught in life ,how to replace people

Who were,at a time,your ‘So Called’ pal

Be happy,as usual,I disown you

Here WERE my,last words,for you.



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