Today the whole world has collapsed at the mercy of microorganisms!!

No temples! No mosque! , No church!

But, only Hospitals &Isolation !!

No Hindu!, No Islam!, No Christianity!

But, only hope to have a narrow escape & survive!!

There is an ancient religion in the world !!

The religion which is portraying its rituals throughout the world today

The religion solicit for sacrifice,

Not of an innocent animal, But, for self!

It is the religion that has proven itself over time & ages.

It is the religion of you & me!!

It is one religion!!

The religion has one shrine where God, Allah, Iswar dwells together

The shrine is at our heart

It is one religion!!


We all are aware of this fact, but we have forgotten this in the delusion of advancement; nature is ringing the warning bell, let’s all be true human before it’s too late.

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Supratim Chowdhury.CMT
HR Expert, Researcher, Social Activist, Speaker, Musician
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